Gothic=Black Magic?

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Can I be a good Gothic sorceress or vampiress?

Gothic=Black Magic?

As Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings proved, power can be used for good or ill. You don't have to be a plus size Gothic villain. Bad and beautiful is fascinating, but you can be good and gorgeous.

Witches don't have to be "toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble." You can be a Parisian witch in pink, or a celestial sorceress who's dressed in black but has the nobility of a Galadriel or Hermione. Horror and Gothic plus size costumes expand the imagination and your options when choosing Halloween plus size wear.

Also, as David McLeod and other vampire horror authors have proved, you can be a tragically once-human vampiress in gothic Halloween costumes plus size--check out DANCING WITH THE MOON for the Gypsy vampire Tsigane. Want to dress as Tsigane? Try a brunette wig, Gypsy jewelry and shimmering rose or purple vampiress Gothic plus size costumes. Use earth-tone cosmetics for that exotic Gypsy look.

When two of the biggest fantasy series are on your side, you don't have to turn to the dark side of plus size Gothic.



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