French Maid Costumes

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Are French maid costumes too cliche?

French Maid Costumes

What is it about the sexy French maid costume? Is it too cliche? Not at all. French maids in little black outfits seem endlessly fascinating and provocative.

What is it, for that matter, about French maids? Is it that certain je ne sais quoi? The fantasy feather duster? The short black skirt and fishnets that you often sport with a sexy French maid costume? Remember the flirty French maid in "Beauty and the Beast"? Is it the French skill in romance and playful sexiness? Or is it that Rocky Horror aura? For a Rocky Horror theme Halloween party with sexy adult costumes, you'll love dressing as Magenta or Columbia. Don't forget a dancing cane if you want to break out into song!



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