Showgirl=Show It All?

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Do I have to wear skimpy clothing with a showgirl headdress?

Showgirl=Show It All?

You cringe every time you see your thighs and butt in the mirror. The last thing you want to do is wear Mardi Gras costumes with your showgirl Mardi Gras mask that show off a less than perfect body. Or you are comfortable with your body but you just don't want to bare all in public.

Relax--you can think of that showgirl feather mask as a crown and wear a more modest costume, or one that gives that showgirl illusion so that you can feel sexy without worrying your mother will faint when she sees you on a Webcam.

A catsuit that complements your figure won't show a lot of skin. Or you can wear a bodysuit that's sheer at the arms and shoulders and pair it with flesh-colored tights--though fishnets can be fun!

Follow your own instincts and inner voice when choosing Mardi Gras costumes. Although it's custom for women to flash their breasts at Mardi Gras, buying showgirl headdress Carnival masks doesn't force you to reveal more than you're comfortable with.

If you're still worried about your less than toned body, work out and do some marathon dancing in preparation for the celebrations. Don't worry about your mom--she's watching the guys on the Webcam.



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