Homemade Costume Ideas Good Enough To Taste

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Do you have any homemade costume ideas of edible items?

Homemade Costume Ideas Good Enough To Taste

Whether you're looking to make a costume for the next party, Halloween event, or any other time of the year, you can make a number of costumes from scratch. Looking for homemade costume ideas? We have them. Read on to find out what's on our list of homemade costume ideas.

Peppermint Stick – Dress in a white t-shirt hoodie and plain white cotton pants. Wear the hood up. Take red electrical tape and wind it diagonally around your body up to the hood.

Tea Bag – Sew up two large square pieces of sheer neutral colored fabric. Size the pieces to be two times the length of your torso. Leave openings for your head, arms, and legs. Keep bottom end of your tea bag as snug as possible without restricting movement. Stuff a large clear plastic bag with potpourri, leaves, or similar items. Line the inside of your tea bag with the stuffed plastic bag. Attach a string and tea bag tag and your look is complete.

M & M's - Get a large piece of felt in an M & M color of your choice. Choose from brown, yellow, green, pink, white, or virtually any other color. Cut out two large circles, big enough to place over your torso with room left over. Sew the top and sides, leaving room to slip the M & M costume on over your head and leave openings for your arms and legs. Using a second sheet of white felt or darker color for a lighter M & M, cut out the letter “M” and attach it to the front of your M & M costume.



10/26/2006 7:53:07 PM
mamama me said:

Sounds yummy! I was a bubble bath last year & it was a true hit!

9/16/2009 1:44:27 PM
Moulin Rouge costumes said:

I love your homemade costumes tips very catchy and unique.


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