Present or Gift Box Costume

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What are some unique homemade Halloween costumes?

Present or Gift Box Costume

For the ultimate gift-just present yourself! All you need for this homemade costume idea is a large cardboard box and lots of crepe paper and wrapping paper. Wear your present costume over a body stocking or a paid of tights with a leotard or t-shirt. SUPPLIES: A large cardboard box Scissors Ruler Pencil Clear tape 2 large rolls of wrapping paper colored crepe paper all-purpose glue colored card stock felt-tip pen 31 inches of hat elastic a body stocking or leotard a pair of socks INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Cut the flaps off the bottom of the box. Cut out a 9-inch diameter circle in the top of the box for your head to go through. Cute an oval about 6 inches wide and 9 inches high on each side for your arms to go through, 3 ¼ inches below the top edge. 2) Cover the box with wrapping paper, using clear tape to hold it in place. Join the paper in the middle of the front, top and back of the box, where the seams will be covered by crepe paper. Cut holes in the wrapping paper at the head and armholes, making them about ½ inch smaller than the box holes. Snip the wrapping paper to the edge of the box holes. Fold the snipped edges inside the box, and take them in place. 3) Cute two long strips of crepe paper 7 inches wide, and glue them to the front and back of the box. Make a pleat at one end of each strip and fold each end neatly inside the neck hole. Glue the ends in place inside the box. Glue the other ends of the crepe paper inside the bottom of the box. 4) Cut a large square of colored card stock for a gift tag. Cut a point at one end. Write your name on the tag with a felt-tip pen and glue the tag to your present box. 5) To make the bow headdress, cut a strip of crepe paper 32 inches long and 7 inches wide. Fold the ends to the center and glue them in place. Squeeze the middle of the strip, and hold it in place with tape. For the bow tails, cut a strip of crepe paper 20 inches long and 7 inches wide. Tape the midpoint of the strip to the middle of the bow. Next lay the hat elastic across the back of the bow. Wrap a narrow strip of crepe paper around the center of the bow and secure the ends with glue.



10/26/2011 1:26:58 PM
Patty said:

Thank You for the details. This is exactly what I want my costume to be!
I'll give this article 5 Stars

11/16/2011 8:23:19 PM
Rose said:

looks kinda cool i gues except hav a pic of someone with that costume on so i no wat it looks like cuz


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