TV Set Costume

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TV Set Costume

This is the perfect Halloween costume idea for up and coming TV stars. A large cardboard box is all that is needed for the case. Keep the background plain and wear a colorful t-shirt to make the picture really stand out. Make a wire TV antenna, and top the box with a plant or bowl of artificial fruit. SUPPLIES: A large cardboard box Gray poster paint A paintbrush Blue card stock All-purpose glue 4 flat buttons thick wire knitting needle masking tape a 6 inch square of thick foam or sponge artificial potted plant a t-shirt, leggings or pants INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Cut the flaps form the bottom of the box. Then cut a square out of one side of the box for the TV screen. Paint the box gray, and leave it to dry. Glue a square of blue card stock to the inside back of the box for the background. 2) Glue the buttons in a row down one side of the box for the TV controls. To make an antenna, bend the wire into a circular shape with the ends pointing down. 3) Pierce a hole in the top of the box with a knitting needle. Push the ends of the antenna into the hole. Bend the ends of the wire flat against the top of the box on the inside. Tape the wire in place. 4) To make the TV set comfortable to wear, glue a square of foam on the inside top of the box. Position the foam in the center so it will rest on your head. To finish, glue an artificial fruit bowl or a fake plant to the top of the television set.



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