Hats Off to Caesar

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Other than crowns and wreaths, what can I wear on my head?

Hats Off to Caesar

Diadems, tiaras, crowns and wreaths work well as costume accessories for Roman togas and any Greek toga costume, especially if you're dressing as an upper class ancient Greek or Roman. There's a reason instructions on how to make a toga don't include suggestions for headgear. Romans didn't wear hats. Greek and Roman women covered their heads with veils. In Ancient Greece, hats, usually made of felt, skin or leather, and with a strap around the neck, were only for bad weather. After the time of Alexander the Great, women sometimes wore conical straw hats. Unless you're trying to be an ancient Greek traveler in a storm, when it comes to hats with toga costumes, heed the words of the ancients: “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your hats.”



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