But Mommy, I Want to Wear It

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What if my child wants to wear a Halloween costume all the time?

But Mommy, I Want to Wear It

Kids. You can't get them to dress for school, but they'll dress up at the drop of a fire chief's hat. What do you do if your child refuses to take off that Darth Vader Star Wars kid costume? What do you do if your little Belle or Jasmine wants to be a Disney Princess forever, and sleep in her child Halloween costume? At this point you probably want to don a Freddy Krueger mask and gloves. But don't be so quick to turn this into a horror movie scene. Some hints for not losing your Halloween cool: * What kids say and what they do are entirely different. Your child may cry about not wanting to go to school, but once she gets there she has a great time. So unless your child is sleeping in that jolly jester kid costume, you don't have anything to worry about. * Kids change their minds and outfits ten times a day. Five minutes after they your little girl puts on her Pooh Bear child costume, she may tear it off. * A kid Halloween costume isn't designed for continuous wear, any more than adult costumes are. Your child will ask for her nightie after an evening of tromping around at the school party or in the neighborhood. * Don't argue. Don't make it an issue if it's not one. Save your energy for more important discussions, such as putting a stop to nonstop candy eating. You can enjoy the sight of your firefighter, Renaissance queen or Tweety Bird. After all, Halloween is supposed to be fun, and kids are meant to be kids.



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