Daring Costumes for Teens

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Is it OK for teens to dress as gangsters and pirates?

Daring Costumes for Teens

Sigh. Everywhere you look, society tells you the video games, movies and TV shows you watch have negative effects, to say nothing of your music. You know you're not one of the problem kids. You're not in a gang and you're generally mellow. So why did your mom freak when you brought that gangster's moll kid costume (even though you're not a kid) home? After all, she saw “Chicago” three times. It's genetic for moms to worry. It's in the mom DNA. So if you dress as the pirate wench with a bare midriff, she might flash back to her own high school days when her mom screamed (or maybe didn't pay attention). Ask her about what she wore when she was a teen. If she brings out the bobby-soxer child Halloween costume with the poodle skirt and beehive, don't groan. It might even be fun to dress up like your mom. If you have your dangerous little heart set on a gangster moll child costume (you're not a child though), or a wrap-skirt Pirate Ruby kid Halloween costume (it's rated Teen though) with the black lace-up thigh boots, let your mom know that (a) you won't drink, (b) you won't drink and drive, and (c) if any guy gets ideas, you'll protect your buried treasure with a Tommy gun (also called a piano key in the Roaring 20s) or a pirate cutlass. After all, she only worries because she loves you. And you won't admit it to your friends, but you think hip-hop is juvenile.



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