Sexy Men's Plus Size Ideas

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What plus size costumes are sexy on men?

Sexy Men's Plus Size Ideas

Okay, class, which plus size men's costumes are NOT sexy?

a) Beer Keg. Just don't do it.
b) Clown costumes.
c) Zombies. For some reason, though, Frankenstein's Monster is sexy to some women. Don't ask me why.
d) Bag of Cheetos.
e) Michael Moore. Even Moore's fans have to admit he needs a makeover.

Which male sexy plus size costumes are alluring?

a) Plus size sexy vampire costume. Especially with an English accent.
b) Roman gladiator costumes.
c) Gangster costumes, as long as you don't look like Marlon Brando.
d) Samurai warriors.
e) Sexy pirate plus size costumes. Some women love Geoffrey Rush.
f) Medieval knights.
g) Arab sheiks--if you look well-fed no one can mistake you for Osama bin Laden, but you could get a romance novel cover.

Any questions? No, I still don't know why Franksenstein's monster is sexy to women.



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