Rootin' Tootin' Big and Bold Western Costumes

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What are some Western sexy plus size costumes?

Rootin' Tootin' Big and Bold Western Costumes

The West was big, bold and free. So are you. You can dress in plus size sexy costumes that don't involve livestock. Miss Kitty was always fulsome on "Gunsmoke." You can dress in dance-hall girl and Annie Oakley sexy plus size Halloween costumes. Try a Calamity Jane cowgirl look with bullwhip, lasso and farm animals (Calamity Jane always cooked and fed everything in site.)

Big cowpokes can twirl mustaches as in an old time melodrama, wear black hats and challenge Wyatt Earp to a duel. Don't forget Native American sexy plus size costumes--the voluptuous Indian maiden captivates the marshal, or the muscular heap big brave rescues the Lady Maverick.

With a few well-chosen Western accessories and Indian gear (a sweat lodge built for two?), your plus size sexy costumes can be as grand and last as long as a Kevin Costner movie.



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