My Big Fat Greek Costume

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Are Greek plus size costumes sexy?

My Big Fat Greek Costume

Greek culture is all about food and "Yassas," if you've seen "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." In thousands of years, nothing's changed. Don't be fooled by all the hard-body statues.

You can be a Greek warrior hero in Greek sexy plus size Halloween costumes. Take a gladiator sword, Roman armbands, laurel wreaths, a stuffed owl or two for name it. You can be Hercules or Bellerophon slaying monsters and eating grapes as well as wild boars.

Greek women are sexy too, and so are the plus size sexy costumes you can create. Be Medea, faithful by Jason's side in a plus size Greek chiton (use a plus size Roman toga since only Hellenophiles might know the difference), or Medusa or the enchantress Circe. Ancient wisdom: You can dress in a plus size witch costume for Circe--just don't forget Greek accessories for sexy plus size costumes.

Live Greek life the way it was meant to be lived. A society that gave us the basis for modern civilization deserves homage worthy of the gods.



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