Plus Size Robin Hood

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Can Robin Hood and Maid Marian be plus size?

Plus Size Robin Hood

Friar Tuck and Little John were the larger members of Robin Hood's crew, but there's no reason why Robin and Maid Marian can't wear Renaissance plus size costumes.

Velvet plus size Renaissance ball gown costumes sould make any Maid Marian proud. We love Marian as played more modern-style by Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. Don't forget lots of Renaissance jewelry.

A man's Renaissance gypsy plus size Halloween costume will suit that master of disguise, Robin Hood. Yes, you can wear the tights a la Errol Flynn. But if you act like Kevin Costner with no English accent, we'll shoot an arrow at you. Don't forget bags of fake florins and sovereigns for Robin Hood to conceal in his plus size Renaissance costume.

The Robin Hood legend is larger than life. Now, you can have costumes to match.



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