Plus Size Queens

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What are some plus size queen costumes I can wear?

Plus Size Queens

Queens. Like Elizabeth I, they're not afraid of anything. Whether you play Cate Blanchett or Dame Judi Dench, you don't have to be afraid of plus sizes any more.

Plus size Renaissance ball gown costumes include red velvet, blue velvet, brocade, Juliet-style hats, wimples and need scepter and crown accessories of course. And if you're going as Elizabeth I, your best friend can dress in a Renaissance gypsy plus size halloween costume or pirate costume to become the Irish pirate queen Grace O'Malley, who defied the Virgin Queen with a seagoing reign of terror. Elizabeth needs the Cate Balchett hairdo with snood and white teatrical makeup when she's visiting jailed nobility wearing Renaissance plus size costumes in the Tower of London. Anyone up for a Mary, Queen of Scots royal costume?

It's good to be the Queen, especially when your advisors are too scared to tell you that you can't look glamorous or majestic ruling a nation in a size 20.



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