Renaissance Witches and Wizards

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What plus size costumes can I wear as a witch or wizard?

Renaissance Witches and Wizards

Owls. Bone anklets and bracelets. Mysterious bags of powder--okay, forget that. Even your wizard or witch plus size Renaissance costume can't perform a miracle if Homeland Security or the police smell illegal substances. Just for the record, though, it's a sachet from Bed Bath and Beyond, or if you're a witch, Victoria's Secret.

Witch and wizard Renaissance plus size costumes may seem easy. Robe. Pointed hat. Wand. Got it. Robes are robes, right? Not so. Witch plus size dresses can be form-fitting, and wizard robes should be majestic. Forget plain black--opt for gold trim or the traditional stars and moons.

You've chosen to masquerade as an enchanter or enchantress. Pull out all the stops. Opt for a flattering, fancy, enchanting plus size Renaissance costume. It's as easy as abracadabra and alakazam.



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