A Woman and a Life of Danger

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How can I dress as an exciting female spy?

A Woman and a Life of Danger

"Alias." "Charlie's Angels." "She Spies." Emma Peel in "The Avengers." It's not top secret that everyone loves international women of mystery, especially when they don a sexy French maid costume or sexy nurse costume in pursuit of top secret formulas, plots for world domination and threats to national security. But sexy costumes that look like female secret agents wilL threaten everyone's security!

To be interrnational spy babes in sexy adult costumes, you need:

* International Beauty Wig (we like redheads!)
* Leather costume like Trinity Street Diva from the Matrix with Trinity Sunglasses
* Ninja stars and Nunchucks in case karate moves don't work
* Glam jewelry for disguises
* Pistol in shoulder holster
* Leather boots with stiletto heels
* Cell phone to get your assignments

Pair up with a sexy male secret agent in a John Steed bowler hat, tie and suit. Female secret agent sexy costumes will save the world...or at least the Halloween party. So watch some female spy TV and prepare to go undercover!



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