Guys and Sexy Costumes

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What sexy costumes can guys wear?

Guys and Sexy Costumes

Guys pretend they'd rather wear old T-shirts and jeans, and be a beer drinker for Halloween. Don't let them fool you. With you in your sexy French maid costume or sexy nurse costume, your guy is not going to skimp on sexy adult costumes. Ditto if you're a gay couple and you're both well-dressed anyway.

Some ideas for sexy costumes for guys:

* Sexy Pharaoh, sheikh (like Rudolf Valentino, not Bin Laden) or male harem dancer
* Spartacus, gladiator or Caesar
* Swashbuckling Pirate
* Robin Hood, Musketeer or Medieval Knight
* Vampire

Guys can go back to three-day-old underwear (or not) after the Halloween party. Tonight, while the men are wearing sexy Halloween costumes, the masks of "average Joe" will come off and the guys can show off--oh, wait, they do that already! But in sexy costumes, guys will give everyone a refreshing break from the usual "guy thing."



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