Famous Couple Costumes

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What are some great famous couple costumes?

Famous Couple Costumes

With the turnover in Hollywood, you don't want to dress as the famous couple of the moment. But there are more lasting role models that will give you ideas for fun or sexy couple costumes for Halloween. We like:

* President George W. Bush and Laura Bush adult Halloween costume for couple
* President Bill Clinton and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton adult Halloween costume for couple
* Caesar or Mark Antony and Cleopatra
* Biblical Mary and Joseph
* Jesus and Mary Magdalene
* George and Martha Washington
* Napoleon (in a Patriot costume with French epaulettes) and Josephine

While it might be fun to dress as Britney and Kevin or Angelina and Brad, we lime a more timeless adult Halloween costume idea for couple. After all, you've always said your love is the stuff of legend and history, so choose historical couple Halloween costumes.



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