Mix and Match Costumes

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Can we mix and match couple costumes?

Mix and Match Costumes

You're not joined at the hip, and no, you don't want to wear that Siamese Twin adult Halloween costume for couple. It's okay--you can mix and match couple Halloween costumes.

You wouldn't wear an elegant Renaissance ball gown if your partner decided to dress as a working beer keg, but it's perfectly all right to dress as Bugs Bunny while your hubby or wife goes as Scooby-Doo. You can be a Colonial woman while your husband dresses as a Renaissance tavern man.

Contrasting couple costumes can be fun: angel and devil, pimp and elegant lady, nun and rapper.

You didn't give up your love of bass fishing just because your spouse would rather run a marathon. Sometimes the fun of a Halloween costume for couple is surprising each other.



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