Blue Man Group Halloween Costumes

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How do we dress as the Blue Man Group for Halloween?

Blue Man Group Halloween Costumes

You saw them at the Emmys. You love them in New York and Vegas--they're starting their run at the Venetian. No, we're not talking about Donald Trump and Melania or Megan Mullally from "Will & Grace." We're talking about the Blue Man Group.

Bands are always great group Halloween costume ideas. But you're too young and sober to be the Rolling Stones and you dressed as the Beatles (with Yoko Ono too) for your group costume last year. So for your Halloween costume idea group, select Blue Man Group Halloween costumes. It's easier than you think. You'll need:

* An hour's prep time--it takes that long for the performers to get in their group costume and makeup before a show
* Blue grease paint for faces--the Blue Men wear it because it never dries and always has that gooey look
* Black clothing
* Blue Man Group CD and a karaoke machine
* String instruments, drums, airpoles, and tubes
* Marshmallows, confetti, Twinkies, Cap n' Crunch, Jell-O® and paint to create impromptu works of art

While your friends don Donald Trump masks and mangle the theme song to "Green Acres," you can delight and entertain the audience with Blue Man Group Halloween costumes.



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