Food Group Costumes

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What food costumes can we wear as a group?

Food Group Costumes

You were always taught about the four basic food groups. Now amid all the confusion about the food pyramid, you fear your Halloween costume idea group won't be nutritionally sound. Relax! Thiis one time that you aren't what you eat. You can all dress in fast food group Halloween costumes such as Big Macs, shakes, French fries, ketchup and mustard, hot dogs, and burritos.

If you still feel nutritionally deficient, try dressing as cheese, milk, bananas, apples, soup and even celery--it's a sure bet no one else wants to be a vegetable on Halloween!

Crave chocolate but resist indulging? You can dress as M & Ms, Tootsie Rolls, Hershey Bars, ice cream bars...even if you can't eat the Halloween candy your kids bring home, dressing up as chocolate is the next best thing!

Until the nutrition experts sort out the health guidelines, you're free to dress up in a food pyramid group costume, or not obey the rules at all. Unlike your diet, food-themed group costumes don't need to be restricted. You can look like a cheeseburger and be as healthy as your grade school teachers and your moms always taught you to be.



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