Thanksgiving Decorations

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What decorations will go with my Thanksgiving costumes?

Thanksgiving Decorations

If you're thinking of building a mini log cabin to adorn your tables where you'll feast in your Adult Pilgrim costume with your kids in their Pilgrim boy and Pilgrim girl dress, you need to read your history. It's a Thanksgiving myth that Pilgrims lived in log cabins. While a teepee (or mini sweat lodge if you're so inclined) will work with Native American costumes, don't try to recreate a Pilgrim log cabin as part of the decor.

While we're on the subject of Thanksgiving myth, you can have an adult turkey or child turkey costume, and even those turkey stand-ups. But there's no evidence the Pilgrims and Indians ate turkey. However, the Pilgrims and Indians probably never imagined us watching football, so let tradition stand with turkey decorations.

Traditional Pilgrim and Indian decorations with your Thanksgiving costumes can include:

* Sheaves of wheat
* Corncobs and squash
* Gourds and pumpkins
* Wild berries and fruit
* Dream catchers and other Native American spiritual items
* Crosses for the Pilgrims
* Hymn books and Bibles for the Pilgrims
* Pottery bowls for Indians and Pilgrims
* Baskets full of plenty and cornucopias
* Rag dolls and toys for the children

Half of a costume party is the theme decor, but don't construct a log cabin unless you also waer a stovepipe hat like Abraham Lincoln.



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