Pilgrim and Indian Jewelry

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Did the Pilgrims and Indians wear much jewelry?

Pilgrim and Indian Jewelry

Don't try accessorizing with a lot of bling when you choose Thanksgiving costumes. While your Pilgrim costume needn't be drab, you wouldn't wear diamond earrings as a Pilgrim lady, or a big class ring as a Pilgrim man. The Pilgrims had hard lives. The most jewelry your Pilgrim costume needs is a cross pendant.

With Native American costumes, on the other hand, you're not so limited. You can be as proud as a peacock, er, turkey. Turquoise, silver and precious stone as well as carved stone and bone jewelry will look great with your adult Native American garb.

While we love to rewrite history and many Thanksgiving legends are just that, legends, don't wear tons of gold jewelry with your Pilgrim dress. Otherwise, your Thanksgiving costumes will seem as silly as Indians grunting "How!" in those old-time Western movies.



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