Santa Claus on Halloween

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Are Santa Claus costumes appropriate for Halloween?

Santa Claus on Halloween

You're worried like Santa trying to diet to slide safely down chimneys that your Santa Claus costume and reindeer costume or elf costume that you and your sweetheart plan to wear won't be appropriate for Halloween.

Before you spend more time fretting than trying on your Santa costume, remember two things:

1) Santa always gets down the chimneys.
2) Malls start hanging their Christmas decorations in July.

Christmas costumes at Halloween remind everyone that the shopping days and the season of goodwill are just around the corner. Plus, a Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus (or Sexy Ms. Santa/Sexy Santas Helper) duo is one of our favorite couple costume ideas.

So shed those fears just like Santa sheds pounds making toys and wear your Santa Claus costume with pride at Halloween.



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