Santa Makeover

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How do I wear a Mrs. Claus costume and isn't she archaic?

Santa Makeover

Ever notice that no one accuses Santa of beign too old for the job? Or how about Mrs. Claus? No one hints they need to retire. This is one time in your life, wearing the Santa Claus costume or Mrs. Santa costume, that you'll be happy to look older.

You might think you need makeup to get that Santa grandfatherly look and Mrs. Santa grandmotherly face. If you'll be bouncing kiddies on your lap, makeup with your Christmas costumes is essential. Here's how to get that aged look, according to

* Use a warm makeup base for a healthy Santa look.
* Apply shadow, i.e. black or gray, makeup tones to create wrinkle lines and hollows.
* Highlight cheeks and bones with a tone lighter than the base.
* Powder makeup with Colorset Powder.
* Add warm red or pink tinges in the cheeks if you tend to be pale even after running a marathon.

You can always go for the ageless glowing look as Mrs. Claus or Santa Claus, but it's more realistic to have the wrinkle effects! Kids expect to see an old Mrs. Claus and Santa Claus, the way you expect to see someone in an elf costume or reindeer costume at a mall at Christmas. It's refreshing to know that in our youth-driven society, people still want an older Santa Claus.



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