Santa Wigs Out

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Is it better to buy a Santa costume with or without a wig and beard?

Santa Wigs Out

A Santa Claus costume with a zipper (for removing that Santa belly), plus a wig and beard? What a buy! But before you plunk down cash and practice your ho-ho-ho, think about what quality of Santa costume you want.

All Christmas costumes aren't created equal. You wouldn't buy an elf costume with too-tight shoes or a reindeer costume with too-big antlers. Even the Grinch (another great Santa costume option) went through alterations and refused to settle for a less than perfect Santy Claus hat and a coat.

Be as picky as the Grinch but not as nasty. A higher-quality Santa costume may not have the wig and beard--that's because all the value goes into the fabric. That plush soft fabric is a plus when kids are crawling on your lap. You don't want them to suspect that Santa shops at the 99 cent store.

Besides, a good beard and wig set will cost you chicken, er, reindeer feed. Bear in mind that the wig and beard that comes with that "bargain" Santa Claus costume may not suit your face.

That said, many excellent Santa Claus Christmas costumes do include the wig and beard. Just test out the suit (make sure you know the store's return policy) to see if the beard and wig work. We don't mean for you to wig out--we just want to make sure that your Santa suit makes you want to ho-ho-ho with feeling.



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