Little Drummer Boy

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How do I create a little drummer boy/girl costume?

Little Drummer Boy

The Little Drummer Boy. Rum pa pum pum. Your little musician wants to be the Little Drummer Boy or Girl. How do you create a sweet traditional costume for the Drummer Boy or Girl? You wish your child had chosen a baby Santa Claus costume, Biblical Christmas costumes, an elf costume or a reindeer costume.

Actually, you can buy or make children's Biblical Shepherd Christmas costumes or an Arabian Nights-inspired costume to be historically accurate. Or your child can drum away while wearing a Wooden Toy Soldier outfit.

To complete the scene, siblings can carry a baby doll and dress as Mary and Joseph. Don't forget ox or cow and lamb costumes.

Most importantly, don't forget the drum! If your child doesn't play the drums, a portable wearable mini radio or CD player playing "The Little Drummer Boy" will allow him or her to pretend to rum pa pum pum. In the song, the infant Jesus smiled at the Little Drummer Boy. Everyone will smile at your Little Drummer Boy or Girl.



8/15/2011 3:00:46 AM
aziza said:

fabulous tip but i need a design on the drummer boy costume

11/27/2011 4:27:27 PM
Grace hayes said:

This has really helped me thanks


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