Wigs of a Feather

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Can I wear a far-out costume wig with feather masks?

Wigs of a Feather

You and your girlfriends have supercool Mardi Gras costumes--you feel like "Sex and the City" and "Desperate Housewives" combined going to Mardi Gras.

You have a Venetian Green Velvet with Feathers Mardi Gras Mask, a Josephine with Stick Feather Mask, a Black Cocktail Mardi Gras Feather Mask, and a Feather Crown Purple Mardi Gras Mask. You're all set with your Carnival masks and feather masks.

Now you want some fabulous glam diva hair, such as an Ultra Glam Wig, a Rocker Short Wig, a tinsel wig, and of course, a Southern Belle Wig. Can you wear new hair with your feather masks?

Remember to make sure the strap of a feather mask doesn't interfere with your wig. For spiky wigs, a feather mask on the stick is best, or skip the rock star look altogether--go for sleek and sophisticated. The wig and the feather mask may look too "busy," leaving the eye with no focal point, so no one can concentrate on how fabulous you look! If you and your girlfriends own several wigs, try your Mardi Gras feather masks with different hairstyles.

You want to enjoy being women in charge and out for a (responsible) good time celebrating friendship. Get your wigs and Mardi Gras masks, then head to the French Quarter for a supercool soiree!



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