Full Face Showgirl Masks

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Can I wear showgirl headdresses combined with masks?

Full Face Showgirl Masks

You want to dress up as a showgirl and wear a Las Vegas style headdress. But the whole point of Mardi Gras masquerades with Carnival masks and Mardi Gras costumes is to remain anonymous--no one knows the identities of the members of the Royal Court.

Though you may be disguised as a showgirl, you too can conceal your features with full-face showgirl feather masks such as an Amethyst Blue or Diamond Purple Feather Mask. Or try an all-black Showgirl Headpiece with Mardi Gras Mask.

Just make sure the metal or sequins are comfortable, since you'll be wearing the mask for twelve hours on Mardi Gras Day and several hours at any private masked balls you're invited to. If you wear heavy Mardi Gras masks, pair them with lighter Mardi Gras costumes--if you're masquerading as a showgirl, this should be easy!

There's a certain freedom in being anonymous--but play it safe. You want people to recognize you if you're in trouble! Keep a cell phone and pepper spray with you at all times.

Now go out and enjoy being the mysterious queen of showgirls.



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