Jewelry and Showgirl Headdresses

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What kind of jewelry can I wear with my showgirl headdress?

Jewelry and Showgirl Headdresses

You packed disco ball or diamond drop earrings to go with your Mardi Gras costume. Jewelry suits those Mardi Gras costumes. But does it suit those Mardi Gras feather masks, especially showgirl headdresses?

Even full-face feather mask showgirl headdresses usually are roomy enough so that you can squeeze drop or diamond earrings between your ears and the headdress. Just make sure the earrings aren't chunky or overly large. You may not need earrings at all, depending on how elaborate and glittery the headdress is.

You can wear necklaces and rings that complement the headdress--silver jewelry for platinum or black showgirl feather masks, ruby/garnet and diamond/cubic zirconia necklaces, bracelets and rings for red showgirl feather masks.

If you're not sure, leave the bling at home--there will be plenty of Mardi Gras beads, after all, and your showgirl Mardi Gras mask will turn enough heads on Mardi Gras Day.



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