Jesus and Stage Blood

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How do I get that bloody scourged look when playing Jesus?

Jesus and Stage Blood

Jesus' suffering may have been real, but the closest you've come is giving up chocolate Easter Bunnies for Lent. How do you make your religious costumes real? One of those wooden twig garlands from craft stores would be a start. But you're squeamish about blood and you think bunny costumes might be a safer bet. But you promised to join your church in an Easter pageant dressing in religious Easter costumes. You're a person of your word. What a dilemma.

If you're not ready to shed blood for Jesus, relax--even Jim Caviezel in Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ" used stage blood to protray the agony of Jesus during the Crucifixion.

According to, Mel's makeup team developed a new type of fake blood with added viscosity for Jesus' scourging makeup. The new makeup contains:

* Red dyes suspended in glycerin
* Fatty gums
* A stabilizing base

Be sure to have plenty of rubbing alcohol on hand because the blood made Caviezel's skin smell sickly sweet. You can substitute ordinary theatrical fake blood for the Hollywood high-tech stuff. Check Los Angeles theatrical makeup shops if you can spend more than forty pieces of silver on religious costumes. Use pale makeup to get that blood-loss look on your cheeks and body. Don't forget the wounds (stigmata) on your hands.

You have the long-lasting fake blood. Now, wait to eat those chocolate Easter Bunnies until after you're out of your Jesus makeup and costume--and say a prayer of thanks for the guy who endured so much to save mankind.



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