Roman Spring Easter Costumes

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What Roman costumes can I wear at Easter?

Roman Spring Easter Costumes

If you've watched the HBO series "Rome," you know how ruthless and decadent the Romans can be. Do you really want to portray the bad guys? Actually, according to Mel Gibson's movie and several scholars, the Jews shared in the villain role...but let's leave controversy out of holiday costumes.

You can portray the bad guy in Easter costumes--just be thankful you're not the one who has to agonize over Judas, Simon and Peter religious costumes. Grab your Roman Toga and dress as Pontius Pilate. You can even emulate David Bowie in "The Last Temptation of Christ". Or you can dress as a Roman centurion with Roman lightweight shield, plastic helmet and breastplate as well as a Roman sword. Live by the sword, die by the sword...just not on Easter in religious costumes.

Don't be afraid to portray the villains, and don't let your stage fright send you scrambling for the bunny costumes. After all, Christ planned to sacrifice His life to save mankind. But don't get too decadent or Bacchanalian like the "Rome" TV show.



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