Ideas For Biblical Costumes

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Can you give me some guidelines to put together biblical costumes?

Ideas For Biblical Costumes

If you're looking for costumes with a biblical theme, we've got ideas for you to put together a religious ensemble. Whether you're looking for biblical costumes for Halloween or another event, get started with our list of ideas.

Start your creation of biblical costumes with the basics. For ordinary townspeople, you'll need layered robes, a length of fabric for the headdress, and sandals for footwear.

For a biblical costume as Jesus, you'll need a dark colored wig. Get one with a middle part, shoulder length and a slight wave for a recognizable effect. For clothing, get a plain floor-length robe. You can add a crown of thorns and a dark colored sash.

To dress as a shepherd, start with a plain robe, layer with a striped outer robe, and add a headdress and shepherd's staff.

To put together a biblical costume as Mary, start with a plain robe, layer with a solid colored outer robe and headdress.



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