Biblical Costume For Children

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Biblical costume, shepherd boy costume

Biblical Costume For Children

Whether for Halloween, a Nativity scene, or the church play, the biblical costume comes in kid's sizes too. Whether you're looking to buy or put together your own, here are some biblical costume ideas for the younger crowd.

  • Kids will be darling as an angel, dressed in an all white gown, wings, and a halo. From bunting costumes for the tiniest babes to costumes for the older kids, you can find or make one suited for your child's age.
  • Is your child all set to be one of the Wise Men? Have him dressed up in a richly colored robe and matching crown. Include a gift to represent gold, frankincense, or myrrh.
  • For the shepherd boy costume, all you need is a multi-colored robe and a headpiece to match for the outfit. Add a shepherd crook, corded belt, and a pair of leather sandals and your shepherd boy costume is ready to go.



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