Variations On A Jesus Costume

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Can you give me some ideas for a Jesus costume?

Variations On A Jesus Costume

Need a Jesus costume for a church play? The key to dressing up in a Jesus costume is believability with some familiar elements. Here are some variations on the Jesus costume for you to try.

  • Dress up in a plain white robe. If you're indoors, you can forgo the shoes and go barefoot. Add a shoulder length dark haired wig if your real hair won't do.
  • Start with a white robe as your base. Add a solid colored sash thrown over one shoulder. Leather sandals will work for the feet.
  • Dress up as Jesus before he was nailed to the cross. Have a white tunic hanging from your waist. Add a crown of thorns for your head. For added effect, use makeup to add scars on your body simulating wounds.



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