Getting A Jesus Wig

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Can you tell me about wigs for a Jesus costume?

Getting A Jesus Wig

One of the most recognizable elements of a Jesus costume is the hair. Though you have some variations on what to look for, making sure you get the right Jesus wig will really make the entire outfit. Here are some pointers for getting a Jesus wig.

  • One option for a dark haired Jesus wig is the combination hair and beard. The hair and beard combination should be a wavy set. To help keep your own hair under control, add a wig cap underneath the wig.
  • You can also get a plain wig without the beard. Go with a shoulder length version in a medium to darker shade. A slight wave will add to the authenticity of the look.
  • Youngsters may play the role of Jesus as well. For a children's version of the Jesus costume, get a child's wig specifically meant for the costume or a generic version which fits the parameters.
  • You can choose from a variety of price ranges. For the budget minded, you can get an inexpensive costume version of the Jesus wig, buy a mid-priced synthetic version, or pay more for a wig of real human hair.



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