Biblical Costume Accessories

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What kind of biblical costume accessories can I get?

Biblical Costume Accessories

Biblical costumes can include Roman soldiers, shepherds, townspeople, priests, and angels. Sometimes, a Biblical costume you get might not have every item you need to make your outfit complete. In that case, look to get some biblical costume accessories to put the finishing touch on your ensemble. Here are some ideas for biblical costume accessories.

  • For a Roman Soldier, add a leather or vinyl armband at the wrist with a lace-up closure.
  • A corded rope belt can be used for everything from a priest's costume to a white-gowned angel.
  • Use a cloth headdress with a braided headband for a shepherd's costume or for biblical townsfolk.
  • Virtually every biblical costume could use leather or vinyl sandals which wrap around the leg.
  • What shepherd's costume is complete without a shepherd's crook? You can also add this biblical costume accessory to a Jesus costume.



11/27/2011 10:17:07 PM
Carol said:

I need the headdress for women


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