Make Your Own Religious Costume Props

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Can you tell me how to make some props for biblical characters?

Make Your Own Religious Costume Props

Biblical characters often call for religious costume props. For some ideas on how to add religious costume props to your biblical characters, take a look at our how-to suggestions.

Samson – For this strongman, create a pillar which appears to be broken using corrugated cardboard. Cut the edge perpendicular to the lines of the corrugated cardboard in a zigzag fashion so the column will appear broken. Roll the cardboard and tape the inside with duct tape to hold it together. Glue a square piece of Styrofoam to one end as the base of the column. Spray paint the column to be entirely white and allow it to dry.

Moses – Cut out a plaque of the Ten Commandments with thick Styrofoam. Spray paint the Styrofoam with grey paint and use a marker to write out the text.

David – For the boy who slew the giant Goliath, make a faux slingshot. Cut a thick “Y” shaped sling out of heavy cardboard. Create two holes with a hole puncher or penknife at both edges of the “V” portion of the cardboard slingshot. Connect a few thick rubber bands to create the sling and attach through the holes of the sling.



11/26/2008 7:28:43 AM
Marnie said:

I made the 10 commandments before from ceiling tiles.Cut the shape you want and it is easy to carve the words into them.Paint a solid dark colour first,after it drys ,dry brush on a lighter colour.These tablets will look very real.Easy to break if the scene calls for it.


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