Get A Halloween Costume Pattern

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What kind of costume patterns can I get for different age groups?

Get A Halloween Costume Pattern

If you're handy with the sewing machine, scissors, and thread, you can make your own outfit for a Halloween costume. Not sure where to start? Take a look at our Halloween costume pattern ideas.

  • For the littlest of babes, you can get a Halloween costume pattern for an Indian outfit, complete with feathered headdress. Or find a Halloween costume pattern for a smiling jack o' lantern to charm the crowd.
  • For a little boy or girl, get a Peter Pan costume pattern. You can also find a costume pattern for Captain Hook and Tinkerbelle as well.
  • Got a teen in the house? Let her lead the crowd as a majorette or show off her skills on the ice as a skater. For the budding Jedi knight, dress him up as Anakin Skywalker as he turns towards the dark side.
  • Adults can choose from costume patterns from the medieval period, character costumes from the Flintstones, and vintage costumes from the roaring 20's.



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