Create Your Own Horror Costume

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Can you give me a suggestion for a horror costume?

Create Your Own Horror Costume

For a horror costume that'll create chills down the most fearless of hearts, dress up as the possessed girl from Exorcist. You'll need long dark hair, waved and matted with bangs. For the horror costume outfit, get a white nightgown with ruffled collar and sleeves. Go heavy with the dark eye makeup for a dramatic effect. For the face, use theatrical makeup to create a pale complexion. Then use theatrical makeup to create facial scratch marks. Accessorize your "Exorcist" possessed girl with a crucifix and put on your best demonic voice or use a voice changer.



9/7/2009 4:14:14 PM
j said:

why go thru all this trouble do you have nothing better to do. you must be off your head to take something this far

9/27/2009 2:52:06 AM
clairabelly said:

thanks, you helped get top marks for our assignment :)


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