Child Costumes To Make For Creative Types

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Child Costumes To Make For Creative Types

For those with a creative hand and gift for design, there are a number of child costumes you can make yourself. If you need some ideas, take a look at our list of child costumes.

For the girl who has lost her sheep, make a Little Bo Peep costume. Make a print skirt with a ruffled hem. Layer a crinoline beneath for volume. Add a ruffled white blouse on top. Add sheer white fabric to create a ruffled collar and edging at the sleeves. Attach a tie bodice and apron at the waist. Purchase a shepherd's staff and decorate with pastel ribbons. Complete the look with a hat covered in fabric to match the print skirt.

If your boy has been eating his spinach, dress him up as Popeye. For the top, make a black short-sleeved sailor's shirt with a red collar. Add blue trim at the sleeves. Coordinate blue pants with a white belt. Add a white sailor's cap to finish off the homemade costume. For an accessory, give your child a can of spinach to carry with him.

Your little boy or girl can dress up as a hobo. Make an oversized jacket and matching pants. Add patches to add a worn effect to the homemade costume. Don't forget, every hobo has to carry his wares with him. Accessorize with a stick and large sheet stuffed with paper.



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