Batman Costume For The Younger Caped Crusader

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Can you tell me about the different Batman costumes for kids?

Batman Costume For The Younger Caped Crusader

Got a Batman fan at home? If your child loves Batman, get him an outfit so he can become the superhero. Depending on your budget and your needs, you can choose from variations of the officially licensed Batman costume. Here are some Batman costume choices for you.

Get the Batman Begins playset for the budding crime fighter. Your child can play dress-up with a cape, chestpiece, batarangs, and mask. This $25 set works well for the shopper wanting to spend a bit less on the Batman costume for children.

Rather than getting the whole costume, you can get individual accessories as well. The Batman belt, Batman mask, and Batman Gauntlets are available child sized and retail for under $10 per piece.

The mid-priced Batman Begins costume retails for $30 and has a full costume with jumpsuit, cape, belt, and headpiece. The costume comes with printed muscle and belt details.

The all black Batman Begins muscle costume is the deluxe version and retails for $40. With this costume, you get a padded muscle chest jumpsuit, boot tops, cape, and belt.

You can also get the older style Batman costume with molded chest for $35. This grey and black version comes with the padded muscle chest jumpsuit, boot tops, and belt.

Want to go with the Batman Beyond version? For $30, you'll get a jumpsuit with attached wings, and Batman Mask.



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