Putting Together A Black Cat Costume For Your Child

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Can you tell me how to put together a black cat costume for my child?

Putting Together A Black Cat Costume For Your Child

With Halloween around the corner, you might be thinking about putting together a costume for your child. If you want to put together a cat costume for your child, here's how.

  • You'll be dressing your child up head to toe in a black outfit. You can use a black turtleneck and cotton pants or a black leotard and black leggings.
  • Get a plain black tube sock. Stuff with cotton and sew to the back of your pants just below the waist for the tail.
  • To make the ears for the black cat, cut out four felt triangles. Sew two triangles together for one ear and repeat with the second set. Sew each ear to a wide black stretch fabric headband.
  • For the whiskers, get black face paint to add to your child's face.
  • Add black shoes to the cat costume and your child is ready to trick or treat as a black cat!



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