Flapper Costumes

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How should I dress as a Flapper?

Flapper Costumes

Fashion statements for Flapper costumes:

  • Dress: Low-waisted, sleeveless dress, called a "shift"
  • Hemline: just above or below the knee
  • Long fringe: on dress, purse
  • Shoes: heels in black satin, T-strap or Mary Jane styles
  • Makeup: outrageous eye liner and red lipstick
  • Makeup extra: gold compact for powder
  • Hair: short bob, either slicked down or curly
  • Hat: cloche pulled down tight over short hair
  • Silhouette: flat chest, boyish figure
  • Boa: any color
  • Beads: extra-long "pearls"
  • Ultra cool: long cigarette filter
  • Purse: black-fringed with long strap
Flapper costumes include straight, low-waisted dress just above or below the knee, long fringe on dress and black purse, black T-strap heels, eye liner and red lipstick, and a cloche hat pulled down tight over a bob haircut. Don't forget the boa, powder compact, long "pearls," and ultra-cool long cigarette holder.



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