Your Own 1920s Garb From Your Closet

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Where can I get 1920s patterns?

Your Own 1920s Garb From Your Closet

You decided last minute to go with the 1920s theme for your costume party, but waiting until the last minute causes one problem: you don't have a costume. Don't worry - it's likely you have everything you need in your closet.

Any one-colored knee-length dress with thin straps will do. Avoid the patterns and go for simplicity - the key is to accessorize. After you have your dress, find a pair of shoes with a heel with a round toe. Remember, Jimmy Choo didn't make shoes in the 1920s, so your favorite stiletto heels might not make the cut. But like most women, you probably have a pair of black pumps tucked away in your closet. Next, head to the jewelry box and think "pearls." If you have a long pearl necklace that's great, but if not, combine a few necklaces of different lengths together. For makeup, dark eyeliner and lipstick was in fashion.

You might have just worn it to the office for the boardroom meeting, but your suit can double as a gangster outfit. The most important accessory for this costume is the hat, so if you don't have a hat that will work, consult your friends and family for a loan.



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