How To Make A Toga Good Enough For A Goddess

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Can you tell me how to make a toga for a goddess?

How To Make A Toga Good Enough For A Goddess

Have you always wanted to learn how to make a toga, but you weren't sure how? Togas make great Halloween costumes for Roman and Greek characters. Follow this guide on how to make a toga and you'll be fashioning immortal worthy attire in no time at all.

1. Measure from just under your arms to the floor to figure out the width of white fabric you'll need. For the length, calculate enough so that you can wrap the material around yourself twice with room to spare.

2. Take the fabric and wrap it from front to back right under your arms.

3. Take the top ends and criss-cross them over each other as you bring them back to the front over your chest. Remember to keep the fabric under your arms as you bring it back to the front.

4. Next, take the ends and tie the cloth securely behind your neck.

5. Adorn you goddess toga with corded rope or a length of gold ribbon at the waist.

6. Finish with gold or leather sandals and your goddess toga look is complete.



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