Five Guidelines To Fabric For Making Your Own Toga

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Can you give me some guidelines for getting material for a toga?

Five Guidelines To Fabric For Making Your Own Toga

Making your own toga is a simple, inexpensive process that allows you to have a costume without requiring the talent of a tailor. Still, there are some tidbits you should follow to making your own toga. To find out what we recommend, read the following five guidelines to making your own toga:

1. Unlike what you may have heard, don't use a sheet. You can go to the fabric store and buy something which looks much better and is less expensive than most sheets cost.
2. You can select something other than a white color of fabric whether you're creating a woman's toga or a men's version. Depending on what the costume is for and what character you're portraying, you can get fabric in purple, blue, or pink.
3. For a woman's toga, get anywhere from four to six yards of fabric. Base your decision on how much drape you want and how tall or big you are.
4. For simple togas for men or a child's toga, four yards of fabric will do.
5. Remember to allow three feet of fabric to wrap around your waist. If you're working with a toga that starts from the waist and goes over the shoulder, you'll need to wrap it around 1.5 times and then have fabric to spare to throw over your shoulder.



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