Sexy Toga Costume

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Can you give me ideas for a sexy toga costume?

Sexy Toga Costume

Any toga costume will show off a little skin, but for a sexy toga costume, why not try our list of flirty ideas?

Caesar's Girl - Dress up as a Caesar's girl. You'll be in an all white sexy toga costume that falls up above the knee. A gold band adorns your skirt and an over the shoulder detail caps off your outfit. Add high-heeled shoes and an armband for added sex appeal.

Goddess of Love - Put on a sexy toga costume as the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite. In a white toga dress that drapes down the back and ends as a halter at the neck, you'll have suitors proclaiming their love. With gold cord wrapping its way around your waist and adorning a bare back, you'll be sure to turn heads whether you're coming or going.

Grecian Statue – Just because you're supposed to be made of stone, doesn't mean you can't melt a heart or two. With a printed body unitard and a toga wrapped about your waist, what statue could be more seductive?



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