A Santa Costume For Every Budget

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What kinds of Santa Claus costumes are available?

A Santa Costume For Every Budget

Looking for a Santa costume for Christmas time this year? You know that Jolly Old Saint Nick wears a red and white suit, but the Santa costume comes in some variations based on budget and quality. For a new Santa costume, expect to spend anywhere from $30 for an entry model to over $500 for a high-end professional level Santa Claus suit. Here's the lowdown on what's available:

Economy Santa Claus suit – The economy Santa Claus suit comes in a fleece fabric and faux rabbit trim. Your belt and boot covers will be made of vinyl. The economy version is well suited for someone who is planning on wearing the costume for a few outings.

Corduroy Santa Claus suit – This lightweight version of the economy Santa Claus suit works well in warmer weather.

Velour Santa Claus suit – This upgrade from the economy version features velour fabric and faux rabbit trim. You'll have a vinyl belt and boot covers. It's a nice version to use for corporate parties.

Plush Santa Claus suit – If you want a rental quality item, this is it. You get a plush fabric coat with thick faux rabbit fur trim. The vinyl belt comes with a metal belt buckle. You'll have the appearance of the more expensive suits without the upgraded lining for extra comfort on the inside.

Ultra Velvet Santa Claus suit – This quality suit is an actual velvet fabric that looks and feels soft to the touch. Your vinyl belt has a metal buckle. You'll get the upgrade of a nylon lining for comfort during use.

Professional Santa Claus suit – With a thick pile of plush fabric and longhaired faux rabbit trim, this red suit will charm adults and children alike. The interior satin lining of this Santa Claus costume ensures the wearer will be comfortable during daily use. The boot covers and belt are made of Naugahyde, a trademark imitation leather.

Royal Majestic Santa Claus suit – This is a Santa Claus suit that St. Nick himself would wear. This Santa Claus costume comes in a rich burgundy color with a thick plush pile fabric, longhaired faux rabbit trim, and satin lining. Accessories include the Naugahyde boot covers and belt.

You have several Santa Claus costume options, but don't forget to select from a wide variety of accessories as well. Compliment your Santa Claus costume with a wig or suspenders.



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