Getting An Elf Costume

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What do I need for an elf outfit?

Getting An Elf Costume

What Santa Claus would be complete without a little helper? To complete the Santa Claus entourage, you need an elf costume for each member of the crew. Elves help Santa by making the toys at the North Pole and getting them ready for the children around the world. For an elf costume, you'll need to pick a rich Christmas hue like green or red. For the more budget minded, a fleece material will do. For an upscale elf costume, get a plush fabric like velvet. You'll need a conical hat, long belted jacket with white collar and cuffs, and tights, which can be solid or striped. For footwear get a pair of elf shoes with a curled toe. For an added touch, accessorize your outfit with a pair of elf ears.



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